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Turkish Citizenship by Investment in 2019

Posted by admin on March, 2019
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There are several ways for a foreigner to get Turkish nationality in order to be a citizen of Turkey and to use its benefits.

Citizenship by Investment in Turkey

The most recent law about the nationality subject was announced on 19th of September 2018 by Turkish government. According to this, there are three new ways about granting Turkish nationality to foreigners by Investment in Turkey.

  • Investing 250.000 USD in Turkey real estate market. The condition in this case is not to sell the properties for 3 years’ time after investing this amount or adding this condition on the title deed while purchasing immediately.
  • Starting up a new business inside Turkey with a minimum capital of 500.000 USD.
  • Depositing 500.000 USD in a Turkish bank and keeping this amount in the bank for 3 years.

Citizenship by Owning a Property in Turkey

If a foreigner buys a property in Turkey, he/she can apply for Turkish Residence Permit. For 5 years this residence permit should be renewed and he/she should not leave Turkey for more than 6 months each year in order to be able to apply for Turkish nationality. There is not any property value restriction but also there is no guarantee that Turkish nationality will be given. This option gives a foreigner the chance to make the application only.

Citizenship in Turkey by Marriage

Once a foreigner marries a Turkish citizen, he/she can apply for Turkish nationality after 3 years’ time.

During this time; the couple needs to prove that they had been living together by not having behaviors that could damage the marital union. There should be also no threat to the national security and public order.

Citizenship by Exceptional Circumstances

There are scenarios where a foreigner can be proposed Turkish nationality by Turkish government as well. This applies when a foreigners given outstanding service in following areas such as; scientific, technological, economic, social, sporting, cultural and artistic areas. In this case, the mentioned person will have the chance to accept the proposal or not to be a Turkish citizen.

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